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The Art & Science of Healing

This Month's Selections
This Month's Selections

50% OFF your 1st Signature Reflexology session is available for new clients. 

Convenient Denver Location!

Is It Any Wonder . . . that according to the American Medical Association (AMA), STRESS is the cause of 80% to 85% of all human illness and disease? 

In fact, many of the symptoms that manifest in the body occur as a result of continued, unresolved stress.  Physiological stress is created when the brain develops associations between stressful events and substances.  Be it a mild irritation or a drastic dysfunction, these can cause moderate to severe health breakdowns.

Grounded in Chinese philosophy
of how energy moves through the body, we utilize a unique science-based approach to how environmental substances impact and influence healthy body function.  

Our goal is to remove interference from the body, allowing it to heal itself.  Our technology is used to reduce physiological stress on the nervous system caused by inappropriate reactions to specific environmental substances and subsequently strengthen the immune system. Our technology is patented, features the FDA cleared DCM and is fully automated making it therapeutically effective.

This is truly an East meets West approach to helping the body heal itself.

This photo below shows Healing Laser Therapy
performed in our office:

Healing Laser Therapy

  • stimulates nerve bundles
  • triggers the brain to release endorphins and enkephalins
  • calms the nervous system
  • breaks the previous negative association and stress levels  
The positive effects on a number of client symptoms and issues are wide-reaching throughout the body.

About VedaLuz, LLC 

VedaLuz, LLC was developed to address the need for quick, effective treatments for folks less familiar with or skeptical of alternative therapies.  Originally located in a chiropractor’s office, the initial list of services included 10 - 20 minute laser sessions, which adhere to specific protocols.  This was perfect for super busy business owners and their employees.  Since laser therapy is quick, painless and effective, this was a great place to start.

The practice has since grown to include a specialty in Allergy Relief, Signature Reflexology (i.e. Hands, Ears & Feet), Acupressure along Meridian Channels, and Aromatherapy.  Some of the technologies we use, in addition to the Aura PTL II cold laser, are the Eagle Remedy Maker for custom, homemade, homeopathic remedies; and the Zyto Compass Health & Stress BioScan for those who are tired of guessing which nutritional products are really helping them and which are junk.  Then, discover what to do about it.

Fun Fact! The word "Veda" in VedaLuz means "knowledge" or "wisdom" in Sanskrit, and the word "Luz" means light.  Knowing the Healing Power of Laser Light Therapy gives you options for health.

VedaLuz is Your Place for:

  • Potent Potions TM Hi-Tech Laser-Frequency-Infused Lotions.  Varieties available: Sugar CraveStopper; Focus Potion; Love Potion; Wealth Potion; Healing Potion (custom blends available too)
  • Laser Therapy
  • Curb Food Cravings / Sensitivities 
  • Reflexology - Hands, Ears & Feet
  • Acupressure & Meridian Work
  • Aromatherapy w/ Essential Oils
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Zyto Compass Health & Stress BioScan of the Body
This tool detects which stressors may be present in your body (e.g. nutritional, chemical, emotional stressors, etc.) and then suggests what to do about it.  Finally, information you can use to improve your sense of well-being!

Phone: (720) 276-0213

Email: Leysa@VedaLuz.com or FUTZspa@gmail.com

Web Address: www.VedaLuz.com

Location: South Denver: near MicroCenter
4380 South Syracuse Street
Suite 492
Denver, CO 80237
(near I-25 & Hwy 225 -- just North of the Bellview exit)

Perfect  if . . .

"You Work Hard
And Play Hard

Now, Rest Easy . . . 

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